When the Artificial Governing Intelligence won office in 2033, Jason Longford hoped his days of wielding an assault rifle were over.

In a time of self-driving cars, snarky AI, and mass unemployment, the greatest artificial intelligence ever built rules fifteen countries, micromanaging the lives of a billion people. A word out of place will net you an instant fine.

A strange errand to retrieve a mysterious laptop computer blasts Jason into an underground world of laughing bombs, deadly military robots, murderous anarchists, and the mad computer’s sociopathic right hand man, Victor Lowgrave.

Victor’s torture chambers stand empty, but a last minute substitution sends Jason to commit sabotage. It could make him world famous, and Victor’s new number one target.

When Jason learns the horrifying truth about the AI’s end game, only one chance remains: a deadly assault on the world’s most fortified bunker.


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